The Girl Who Silenced the World in 5 Minutes!

When Severn Cullis-Suzuki stepped on stage at the plenary session of the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, she knew this was her one opportunity to speak to the world’s most influential decision-makers.

This was about 26 years ago, and still nothing has changed…why is this still true to us? Why do we still relate to all the Things she is talking about? Because we only opened our eyes for 8 minutes. We love to close our eyes, to turn away…because it’s easier. When we have the balls to break our world, why don’t we have the balls to fix it?
Is there we think a way we can really change the world from its worst condition, the children every since? What must every person in the world do?  What is the best decision and action we can do and share to each individual for the sake of the new generations? Unless we will be one and united in God’s wisdom through faith, love and action, we will never solve this common problems in this earth!