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Creative Coin

The Digital Asset Backed & Mined By Time

"Time is gold"

The Problem

The market



The common problems
High volatility of the value of the cryptocurrencies due to manipulation.
The solution
The birth of the CreativeCoin backed with time, calm & stable.
Equality, balance & abundance
Usage & Utility
Profitable and beneficial to all whether buyers and merchants without fear.
Administration & Control
Good currency built & valued by time for the people and by the people.
Used as digital currency for paying tuition fees & others locally & globally.

The Path (White Paper)


Create and innovate a digital asset, and cryptocurrency that is naturally valued and backed and mined by time, and generates the price at the beginning of its verification and ownership. CreativeCoin is the very first digital coin that follows the value of time as gold because within it,  time is gold, no more no less. The real value of this coin is based on the grain of gold. Thus, to change the ideology of the valuation of the currency from its manipulative power that causes inequality and unbalance of wealth distribution to its natural way of valuing monetary that is attached to the power and value of time for peace and abundance to every individual. 


The most unique and innovative crypto-asset that doesn’t need a public domain to generate its value instead, follows the natural law of existence and creation of the Almighty the “time” as it turns and runs perpetually and the price as a gold which no one can ever stop except His power of Wisdom. Every second of the time which is perpendicular to the grain of gold and is the power of its unit and the value of each coin. CreativeCoin rejoins and envisions equality and abundance to every individual who values and uses it in any walks of life. This is beyond the power of the market and manipulations of the elites. This is a new change to the global monetary system and economic model from “Law of Demand & Supply to “Law of Abundance & Equality.”


The Time of Existence of CreativeCoin

Total Units of Coins


Algorithm & Formula

1 CC = 1hour

As time goes by the unit of the CreativeCoin generates just upon the verification and confirmation of the purchase of the coin. Look, how the time works, is as well how the CreativeCoin  works. This is the unique and natural way of mining the coin, will always away from the control and manipulation of the markets and the elites. It is naturally mined by time. It will never stop once the time starts to run verification and validation of the proof of stake done by each user from affiliates and the free mined coins. You will not need any power, units of computers and electricity and even air conditioning just to run your rigs to mine coins. 

Level of Category


BRONZE Creative Coin increases its value by 5% every monthly cumulatively. Buy this crypto now!


SILVER Creative Coin increases its value by 8% every monthly cumulatively. Buy this crypto now!


GOLD Creative Coin increases its value by 10% every monthly cumulatively. Buy this crypto now!


This is the best time to buy the crypto assets because it grows monthly and with a potential to have residual source of income that may lead you to financial freedom.

How Much Should I buy?


Choose your plan now while the value of Creative Coin is still low, before it will be raised to almost a highest price. This is a TWO YEAR PLAN program. The Algorithm of the value or price is set to raise by 0.05 cent every month from its beginning price on its ICO & IPO.



$ 25 1$ per 1 Cc + FREE
  • 50 CC


$ 50 1$ per 1 CC + FREE
  • 100 CC


$ 100 1$ per 1 CC + FREE
  • 200 CC

The Road Map



CISAT planned to create and innovate CREATIVE COIN as an implementation of the requirements of the paperless and cashless program.


Development & Testing

The CISAT IT Team started to develop the White Paper and Road Map of the Creative Coin, the creation of the Promotional Website, Digital Wallet and the Blockchain.

2020, January

Deployment of the CreativeCoin

This is the time of the distribution of the CreativeCoin through registration, verification and purchases. This as well the ICO & IPO of the said digital coin.

2020, June

Usage & Purpose

The period and schedule of usage and function of the CreativeCoin as payment for the enrollment fees.

2020, August

Introduction of Merchants $ Services

The CISAT will introduce the e-commerce platforms where the CreativeCoins can be used to buy and sell products online and offline.


Biggest Investment Program

There will be a biggest investment program to be set and introduced to the public for other benefits of the CreativeCoin.


Improvement & More Development

On this BETA period, there will be more improvement and development of the CreativeCoin for local and even global usage.


Created by CISAT

Backed & Mined By Time

This is a fulfillment and Compliance of the Global Currency Resets. We must not left behind!

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